We work to connect communities and youth with intangible culture, cultural heritage sites, and museums. We help make cultural assets more relevant to local populations.

We are a social enterprise with a global reach. Along with our network of consultants, we provide services in the areas of:

  • Art education
  • Cultural programs for youth and community engagement
  • Organizational development and capacity building
  • Tangible and intangible cultural heritage

Challenges we care about

Loss of cultural diversity due to globalization
Shortage of formal platforms for cultural heritage research, education, and exchange in third-world post-colonial countries
Disempowerment of local communities in the documentation of their history and memory
Lack of relevance of cultural heritage to communities’ young members
Poverty and loss of markets for traditional products
Emerging and continuing inter-community and international tensions caused by lack of cultural understanding and empathy

Our core values

Safeguarding living cultural heritages through education and public programs
Providing platforms for communities to celebrate their cultures
Furthering links between museums and local communities
Enhancing the capacity of local cultural actors to run impactful and sustainable programs
Promoting cultural equity, inclusion, and diversity through formal and non-formal education programs
Fostering inter-community and international peace through cultural exchange

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