Capacity building

We work with foundations, private organizations, museums, and governmental, non-governmental organizations to cultivate and maximize community cultural assets, and develop human resources to run them effectively and sustainable. We:

  • Assess organizations to ensure that people are aligned with their mission and strategy
  • Identify and foster agreement on priorities, and find creative ways to address existing challenges that may be blocking potential and progress
  • Discover new more productive ways of working, and uncover new opportunities
  • Evaluate knowledge and experience gaps; and design and implement learning and development programs that can be replicated and facilitated locally
  • Conduct training and facilitate organizational learning programs through mentoring, workshops, and knowledge transfer

Our previous work includes: 

Developing an organizational staffing and training plan for the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization

This assignment, implemented on behalf of UNESCO, included analyzing issues, developing an organizational structure and over 60 job descriptions to align people with museum mission. This also involved evaluating space planning, identifying hiring and training priorities to prepare for the opening, and synthesized inputs then developing and managing an RFP and training tender for a school of museology to support capacity development in Egypt. More…

Organizational support for Turquoise Mountain Arts Foundation

Identifying strategic priorities and developing and implementing a team-building program to align people with priorities, improve communication, and strengthen director group in preparation for significant organizational change.

Training for youth in planning and implementation of cultural programming

The training was delivered to youth aged 17-25, where participants learned principals of project planning and management and participated in creating and implementing a follow-up “Caravan of Poetry and Music” program as hands-on training.