Research and evaluation

We carry out comprehensive qualitative, quantitative, and mixed method evaluations of existing programs, in addition to setting up and training personnel to carry out evaluations to help improve, expand, and sustain community arts programs. We also do needs assessment, uncovering new opportunities to cultivate and maximize communal cultural assets.

Our previous work includes:

Development of a strategic sustainability plan for the Riwaya Museum Bethlehem

Working with a multinational team to complete a comprehensive strategic sustainability plan for a Palestinian narrative museum in Bethlehem. This involved a survey of local cultural institutions, SWOT analysis, developing stakeholder strategies and recommendations for governance, project management, staffing, and capacity building. More…

Evaluating youth engagement practices of cultural centers run by UNRWA at Palestinian refugee camps in Syria

Researching needs of adolescent target group and their attitudes towards five recently established community centers in refugee camps, researching host communities’ attitudes towards the centers, and designing a strategy to enhance the delivery and dissemination of services.

Authoring two UNESCO country reports for international conventions for Syria

Authoring Syria’s country reports for two UNESCO Conventions: The Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (2011; due every 6 years), and the Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions (2012; due every 4 years). This includes original research and production of cultural statistics for the country.

Assessment of the status of the traditional silk industry in Syria

Surveying areas where cocoons were traditionally cultivated, and identifying 16 villages where this economic activity persisted. This included tracking production across the supply chain to the final consumer, identifying problems and best areas for intervention, and conducting ethnographic documentation of silk-related traditional crafts.