Who we are


We utilize our expertise in cultural programming, education, and organizational development to facilitate creating platforms for local populations to engage with and capitalize on their cultural assets, contributing to a more peaceful and sustainable future.

Maya Alkateb-Chami

A Fulbright scholar from Damascus, now based in the U.S. and the U.A.E., Maya helps organizations improve and advance their youth development programs through capacity building and program evaluation. Her approach builds on her own and others’ research in the area of youth empowerment through the arts, training and experience in art education, management, and politics, and a deep conviction in the centrality of local arts to youth’s positive identity development.

Maya has worked in close proximity with traditional silk producers in Syria, studying the supply chain and ways to preserve the vanishing craft. One of the motivations in founding this initiative resulted from her seeing first-hand the dwindling cultural elements and attitudes towards them in the Arab region. The Community Arts Initiative works to counter this trend and revive interest in cultural heritage and support organizations working with in this area. More.. 

Deborah Dunham

A European–based “global American” with an MS in Learning and Organizational Change and an MA in Islamic Art and Archaeology.  Deborah has worked in 30 countries and enjoys the challenge and richness of cross-cultural environments.   Working in Afghanistan on community engagement during the rehabilitation of a 500 year old Mughal garden outside of Kabul, she saw how this cultural asset encouraged families to take pride in their history and convinced her of the important role heritage can play in post-conflict environments.

Deborah’s strengths lie in identifying both issues and opportunities while simultaneously utilizing heritage and culture to develop people and organizations to ensure lasting results and sustainable change. More..

Organizations we have worked with include

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